Sunday, 13 May 2012

Beef Week 13/5/12

Beef week has just ended and what a week it was, seeing 18000 plus people through the gate on the first day, with over 3,500 cattle on display and some great entertainment during the evenings. Together with MLA, I conducted social media workshops, giving people an insight of a cattleman's view of how social media now plays an important part of the beef cattle industry. My week was filled with plenty of chats regarding the beef industry and my recent Nuffield Travels. Leah and I had the pleasure of Troy and Stacy Hadrick, Ed Blair, Angus Street and Ely Daley come out to Bald hills for a visit and BBQ lunch. Time flew too fast for the visit, but Leah and I enjoyed their company thoroughly. I also had the pleasure of meeting Pip Courtney from Landline where I was interviewed for the Landline program. I congratulate all the people involved in the organisation of beef week, and look forward to beef 2015!! At Bald hills it's now full steam ahead with sending fat cattle, weaning and the list goes on!!!


  1. Well done MM! We had a hectic week too - met another Nuffield man in Rob Cook who also inspired the heck out of me.

  2. Good on you Ray!
    It was an amazing week, and I really enjoyed hearing you speak, and have just seen the Landline segment online ... all positive, inspiring messages for our industry.