Saturday, 28 April 2012

Home Sweet Home!!! 29/4/12

After travelling for two straight days to make my way back to Bald Hills, I was met at the airport by my lovely family. My head is now spinning trying to work out what to do first as this month is one of our busiest times, with weaning, bailing, selling fat cattle and to top it all off - Beef 2012 where I have have been asked by MLA to be a guest speaker promoting social media and my Nuffield Journey.

My wife informed me of the amount of rain we received in March and April, around the 400ml mark with 210ml received of that in one day!! The amount of erosion is quite considerable which has created extra work for us, however the majority of the work was still carried out by my wife, Leah and my cousin, Vince. I am only home for approximately four months then returning overseas again to complete my Nuffield studies for another six weeks.

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