Friday, 6 April 2012

My visit at IMA in Cuiaba 6/4/12

For the last 4 days I spent some time at IMA Cattle Company which is based in Cuiaba. The locals say it is the centre of Brazil. I visited one of their two properties which range from 1000ha to 12,000ha where they run 8000 stud cattle. It is a very hot place and their average rainfall is 1300 ml per year and soils are very low in phosphors. The animals have access to salt and phosphorus all year round. Mr Andre Zambrim is the manager at the IMA Cattle Company where they breed Nelore and Brahman bulls to sell to the open market. Mr Andre also uses a EBVS (Estimated Breeding Values)breeding system, for the last 20 years where they suit the cow to the bulls by using EBVS records of the animals for a more scientific approach to breed a high quality beast.

The approach I admired the most was from Andre where the cattle he bred out of was just pasture based with no chemicals for cattle ticks. They had to have a good natural doing ability for weight for age in a natural environment, with little grain preparation before a sale. The property has a great location where it is based right on the main road and only 20 km from Cuiaba. The property has 25 full-time workers and is a very well managed and clean property. I would like to thank Mr Andre Zambrim and his staff for making me feel like I was at home.

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