Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wray Ranch 4/9/12

I visited Doug Wray who lives about one hour south of Calgary where he runs 300 Black Angus based cows. The ranch been in Doug's family for 100 years. He uses Beef booster and black angus bulls on a 2,200 acre ranch. Doug finishes off his steers at a local feedlot, where the steers are fed on a Barley based ration. The steers were putting on 2.7 pounds a day, and killed between 16 to 18 months of age where they dress out at a hot weight of 1650 pounds.

Doug practices a cell grazing system using a number of 20 acre paddocks and moves cattle every 3 days. The health of Doug's pastures with the aid of a variety of legumes established through the land was a credit to him. Doug and his wife do the majority of the labour on their ranch with some aid for the big jobs when its comes weaning time. I had a great day with Doug and his wife by topping it off with a BBQ and cold beer.