Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Branding and the Start of the School Year

We were fortunate enough to have my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and my cousin to come down and help out to brand, it was very much a family affair which makes it special, creating memories for all the kids. Everyone helped out wherever possible with both Leah and Andrea in the back forcing yards, bringing the calves up, Kurt and Ty to help out in the calf race, with Dave, Ray and Vince working on the calves in the calf cradle.

We were blessed on the last day of branding to receive some rain which continued over the next four days receiving a total of 180ml. The Branding crew left on Saturday, leaving Leah and the kids preparing to head into Rockhampton for a two day cluster with Capricornia School of Distance Education Rockhampton Campus. The two day cluster enables both home tutors/teachers and students an induction and training process to allow them become familiar with their teachers this year and also the curriculum. Kurt is now in Grade Three with Kayla starting Prep this year.

Sarah came back to Bald Hills to help with the transition for the new Governess/Teacher Emma-Leigh. Emma-Leigh has settled in already and the kids are enjoying their school work so far!! Fingers crossed their enthusiasm continues!!!


  1. Seems like you all have fun and it is always good to have help. Not only adults but kids look excited. Thanks for sharing the post.