Monday, 20 August 2012

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation - 14/8/12

We arrived at the world reowned Noble Foundation where we were greeted by Mary Means with a presentation of the history and work of the foundation. After an amazing tour of the greenhouses and state of the art facilities at the foundation and also a brief presentation from myself to the agricultural division of the foundation, Ryan Reuter and James Rogers, both Assistant Professors in the ag research division spent the day with us taking Leah and I on a tour of two of the foundations' ranches. The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation is an independent, nonprofit institute headquartered in Ardmore, Okla. Founded in 1945 by Lloyd Noble to assist producers better manage their land. The Noble Foundation conducts direct operations, including assisting farmers and ranchers, and conducting plant science research and agricultural programs, to enhance agricultural productivity regionally, nationally and internationally. The Noble Foundation, is the largest private foundation in Oklahoma and is in the top 44 in the United States (based on asset size). The foundation operates a 500,000-square-foot central campus having research, program, infrastructure and administrative space and also has more than 12,000 acres of farms in southern Oklahoma for research and demonstration projects. The foundation assists more than 1,700 farmers and ranchers in a 47-county service area (southern Oklahoma and north Texas) in achieving their individual financial, production, stewardship and quality-of-life goals. We spoke to Ryan and James regarding feed efficiency measuring tools and also their holistic grazing system. We also looked at spot burning to control cedar trees along with more sustainable forages for their livestock through plant biology, forage improvement for their ranches and serviced ranches that they consult with. The Noble foundation was kind enough to allow Leah and I to stay at their magnificent conference centre. We would like to thank all the staff involved for a very memorable day.  Website -

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